I'm Katherine! I'm in my twenties and I live in Brooklyn.

I moved to New York City two weeks after graduating college and have been working in the publishing industry ever since. I love this city for so many reasons - the people, the energy, and the neighborhoods - and the food. New York City is where I credit discovering my passion for food and cooking. I've always loved food (who doesn't?) but when I moved here and finally had my own apartment and kitchen I realized that I truly enjoyed being creative with cooking and my desire to learn more about food. There's no better place to be than NYC for this, in my opinion, as I am constantly surrounded by people and places that inspire me.

In my cooking and baking I try to use fresh, seasonal ingredients and I am mostly influenced by my Italian heritage and study abroad in Rome (pasta, anyone?), gearing towards Mediterranean flavors and vegetables. I'm from Connecticut and am a proud New Englander, so the seasons also heavily inspire my food. I'm someone who loves fresh watermelon in the summer but needs that hearty pasta e fagioli come wintertime. Of course, the restaurant scene here is always opening my eyes to new recipes and ingredients, so I am constantly experimenting and trying new things. I try to keep my recipes healthy but I do love baking and love to indulge from time to time.  

In addition to cooking and baking, I also enjoy traveling and photography and use this blog as an outlet for those interests. My list of places I want to see is pretty much endless and there's so much that I want to see and experience in the world around me.

I see food, travel, photography, and writing as pieces of a puzzle that fit together perfectly, and hope that this blog is a place where I can showcase my interests.

Thanks so much for stopping by and following along!