Restaurant: The Wren

IMG_3307 Brunch in New York is like a culture of its own. Obviously that means that I spend a lot of my free time on New York Magazine trying to find good places. Since I am basically living at borderline poverty status, I don't go to brunch that often so when I do I spend a lot of time researching before (clearly I need to get some hobbies).

I started noticing The Wren each morning on my walk to the subway (when I used to live in the East Village :-( ). My roommates and I finally went and I loved it. Inside, The Wren is quaint and rustic, with two wooden round tables in the front and worn leather armchairs. The back room is full of long communal wooden tables.I have since been one more time and I've ordered the same thing as the first time - smashed avocados on toast with soft boiled eggs. Amazing both times, and the eggs came in a cute little jar. One of the most important things about brunch is the drinks. Although The Wren's brunch doesn't include a complimentary drink, it's worth getting one especially if you're a bloody mary fan. The coffee is also served in a french press, which is ideal for 1. super fresh tasting coffee, and 2. more coffee!

The atmosphere is pretty relaxed, with a hipster/cool downtown crowd and the servers were really friendly. The second time I went there they had live jazz. It's also really affordable if you don't order a ton of drinks. The next time I go, it's definitely going to be for happy hour or a night out. Visit

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