Restaurant: Cafe Gitane at The Jane Hotel

IMG_0904 If you're in the West Village and feeling bored, definitely check out The Jane Hotel. Fun fact - after the Titanic sunk, all the survivors were taken to the Jane Hotel. Stepping through the big wooden doors into the lobby with aged chandeliers and deer heads on the walls feels like traveling through time. I've been to the Cafe Gitane there twice (there are a few locations) - once for coffee and tea with my mom and boyfriend, and the other time for appetizers with my friends. The food is pretty good - not amazing, though. I LOVED the spiced goat cheese with pomegranate vinaigrette that I had, but my friend wasn't too crazy about her carrot salad. Also, the second time, I got the feeling that the server wasn't that into us (shocking, I know). What I like most about it is the atmosphere. It's really bright and the decorations have a Moroccan flair. Next time I go, I want to check out the old bar in the hotel. It's full of Victorian couches, chairs, and hanging tapestries.

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