A few weekends ago my friends from Boston came down to visit. They had never been to Brooklyn, so I decided to take them to Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, inadvertenly participating in stereotypical Brooklyn activities. I think Williamsburg is really cute and on occasion, I think seriously about moving out there (although I recently heard it’s more expensive than Manhattan – not cool). There were fly looking hipsters left, right, and center, and trendy bars and restaurants lining every street. We all felt instantly cooler about our decision to make the trek.

Smorgasburg is a foodie’s dream – about 100 of the best vendors all in one spot. Two of my friends and I immediately made a beeline to get pigs in a blanket (who doesn’t like gourmet hotdogs?). We then had sliders (amazing) and I had an overpriced $5.00 caramel ice cream cone (worth it) and all felt great/disgusting. I’m planning on making at least bi-monthly trips to Smorgasburg and if you don’t do the same, you’re seriously missing out.

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