The Shoes I Can't Wear

shoes What does each of these ladies have in common?

  1. They are all celebrities.
  2. They are all wearing ankle strap sandals.
  3. They all look good wearing ankle strap sandals.

I, unfortunately, possess none of these qualities. I spent weeks obsessing over ankle strap sandals. I really wanted a pair, and I spent my days envisioning all of the outfits that I would be able to wear. However, lesson learned – ankle-strap sandals actually look horrible on my feet. I have encountered this issue many times; shoe shopping for prom, my cousin’s wedding, and the list goes on. Apparently, I have a problem and it’s called wide feet. Everyone thinks it’s so adorable, making jokes about my “square” feet but it is actually the bane of my existence. Recently, I must have convinced myself that I don’t have square feet and I ordered a pair of strappy sandals from Piperlime. They looked SO fugly. I literally went to 100 shoe stores trying on shoes and every pair looked terrible. Basically, the front of my foot couldn’t squeeze into the front strap, making my feet look like mini sausages. Gross. And of course, in each store there was a girl next to me trying on the same shoe and they looked amazing. I even asked about wide shoe sizes and barely anyone makes them!! It is so rude! After days of feeling depressed I have finally given up the idea that I will own a pair of these babies but I won’t let that rain on my parade. I am determined to find a pair of similar shoes. Potentially ones with closed toes.

Image via here.