Restaurant: The Penrose

IMG_1150 I have a confession to make. The first time I went to The Penrose, I went another two times afterwards in the same weekend. By the third time, I’m pretty sure the servers were thinking, “Who is this random chick I have seen literally every 12 hours this weekend and never before?” It was extra embarrassing but I’m not mad about it, especially because it has become a bright spot in an otherwise un-happening section of the city. The Penrose, similar to The Wren, serves trendy American-style comfort food and Gatsby-era cocktails (maybe it’s only the glasses they’re served in that makes me think that – see picture below). The inside is decorated with things I love – vintage typewriters, tiny glass jars with flowers, Bulleit Bourbon jugs for water…the list goes on. Sometimes I ponder taking the decorations for my own apartment (lol)!! While I have only been for brunch, the food is great. I have had the Eggs Benedict twice and a frisée salad with a poached egg on it. I tend to branch out a lot, clearly. The Bloody Mary’s are extra strong and spicy, the Ginger Lee’s extra gingery, and the beer list is extensive. Also, The Penrose is really fun at night and they have awesome pickle back shots. What’s not to like? After my three visit weekend extravaganza, I had to play it cool so I stayed away for several weeks. However, like a bad romance, The Penrose came calling again and we have been in love ever since.

IMG_3757 IMG_1145IMG_3881IMG_3879