Madison Square Eats: Eating Forever

IMG_1593 One of the most important things I have learned so far is that, problematic or not (it depends how you see it), food festivals are one of my biggest enjoyments. I was so psyched when my fab friend Lamia told me about Madison Square Eats, which, if you can guess, takes place is Madison Square Park every day in May. Madison Square Eats is amazing. In similar scale to Smorgasburg, except with a more Y.P. scene, there is even an entire booth dedicated to being a bar. From gourmet burgers, to grilled cheese sandwiches, and a zillion types of cannolis there is literally something for everyone. After making rounds around the entire place several times and being super ADD, I finally tried Korean barbecue for the first time, and finished off with a Cinnemax ice cream sandwich (cinnamon ice cream between two snickerdoodle cookies) from Melt New York. Everything was amazing and I am still having dreams about the ice cream sandwich. As I type this, I sadly realize that tomorrow is the last day of May so Madison Square Eats will be over. However, most of the vendors are NYC based and Urban Space (which organizes Mad Sq. Eats) hosts several other festivals throughout the year.

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