Restaurant: Cafe Colette

IMG_4826 Confession: I came across this place by accident. I was wandering around Williamsburg with my boyfriend and I had to go to the bathroom so badly that we just stood at the intersection of Berry St. and N. 9th and picked the corner restaurant that looked  most appealing. I'm glad to say, though, that we made the right decision because Cafe Colette is quiet, charming, and has great light fixtures (points for lights!). There is a really cute back garden patio and if we hadn't been in such a rush (it was kind of a pit-stop) I would have spent more time snooping around. I had the grilled flatbread with kale, ricotta, and prosciutto. The burger looked great as well and the fries were on point. FYI, you can always tell if a place is good or bad almost instantly based on the fries. Also, after doing some research it looks like Cafe Colette has an amazing Instagram account, which I'm all about! I'm definitely coming back here for brunch.