DIY: Gold Painted Pots

IMG_2142 My collection of plants has been steadily growing since I purchased a miniature cactus from a random grocery store in the East Village last fall. I now am the proud owner of an African Violet, basil, and a jade. About a week ago I became extremely bored looking at all of the ceramic pots lined up at my desk so I decided to spice things up and paint them. Painting the pots with acrylic paint was quick and easy, but I do not recommend doing what I did with the first two test runs: painting the pots while the plants were in them. It was literally a dirty struggle. I primed each pot with Mod Podge and then whipped up a few colors with acrylic paint mixed with a matte medium. For an even finish the pots required two coats. I wanted to use some of the gold paint I have had for a while so I taped off two triangles on each pot and painted them gold. Once the paint had dried I slowly peeled off the tape, leaving the gold triangles. I recently saw a similar version of gold-leaf pots on Glitter Guide that I might try later in the event that I buy more plants. Pot painting is an inexpensive way to decorate your apartment, or better yet, your cube at work where things can get really drab looking.IMG_2132IMG_2136IMG_2137IMG_2148