Restaurant: The Mermaid Inn

oyster The time has come for me to do a post on one of my all-time favorite spots in the city: The Mermaid Inn. I always look for restaurants with character and I immediately noticed something special about The Mermaid. With three locations (the East Village, Greenwich Village, and Upper West Side) you would have to be semi-insane to live in the city and to not go to at least once. I have only been to the East Village location (sadly), but I'm definitely going to be trying the other two this summer. The Mermaid specializes in, you guessed it, SEA FOOD!! It's a perfect summer hangout because of the oysters and cocktail menu, but it's also super cozy in the winter. They also know what's up for happy hour, which is every day from 5-7 P.M. and features $1.00 oysters, a special snack menu, and discounted drinks. Also, you can't beat the cute cup of chocolate mousse that comes at the end of each visit, or the fish fortune teller, which always curls up to let me know I am feeling romantic (HAHA). Ugh. Writing this has made me miss The Mermaid Inn. Now you can count on finding me there every day for the rest of the week.