Homemade Chipwiches

IMG_2201 Over Fourth of July weekend I found myself very nostalgic for my favorite childhood summer treats. Thus, my desire to make Chipwiches was born. For me, there was nothing better than waiting for the ice cream truck to drive by during summer and then biting into a delicious Chipwich: two chewy chocolate chip cookies sandwiched around vanilla ice cream that was rolled in even more chocolate chips. Yum. Chipwiches are becoming trendy again in New York. Just look at shops like CoolHaus and Melt NYC, which create awesome spins on chipwiches with unexpected flavors. I just stuck to traditional chocolate chip cookies, using this recipe (from Martha Stewart, obviously), except with only half the amount of butter. Bakers tip: if you cut butter in half when making cookies, they come out amazingly chewy! I used pistachio ice cream inside, froze them for a bit, and then they were good to go, served with some root beer and an American flag straw, of course. I would have liked to make my own ice cream but I was crunched for time. There's always next time though!