My Weekend As Told Through Ice Cream

IMG_2263 This weekend was apparently the weekend of No Self Control because it centered around the gloriousness of ice cream. Maybe it was the exhausting heat that brought on the craving so badly. While meandering around the West Village as it started to rain, I spotted the CoolHaus truck. I had been dying to try a CoolHaus ice cream sandwich for years and never got around to it. A sense that I needed this swiftly took over my brain and I waltzed over to the truck and ordered a chipwich with peanut butter ice cream and snickerdoodle cookies. Best. Decision. Ever. Nothing could hide my joy, even as it started to rain, as I ate the sandwich like a lunatic on a bench. Apparently even that couldn't hold me over, because on Sunday I found myself taking the subway down to the East Village with the sole purpose of hitting up Van Leeuwen Ice Cream. An artisan ice cream store with exotic flavors such as cinnamon, earl grey, and palm sugar, Van Leeuwen had also been on my to-d0 list for a while now. And what was holding me back from going there? Nothing. I happily treated myself to a two-scoop cup of their creamy espresso and vanilla (that is made with bourbon and vanilla bean) ice creams. Needless to say, I think I have had my fare share of ice cream for a while, but if you're ever looking for some spot-on ice cream these two places are definitely the way to go.