In Beantown Again

IMG_4991 I went to Boston two weekends ago for work so naturally, I spent a lot of time exploring and going to any good food place I could get my hands on. Confession: I hit up J.P. Licks twice. However, no food regrets is my motto so I haven't thought much about the implications since. Given this thought, let's jump straight to the food.

1. I went to the South End for the first time to a cute breakfast place called South End Buttery where I had delicious oatmeal with blueberries and strawberries.

2. Tico, a Spanish/Mediterranean tapas place in Back Bay where they have amazing lobster tacos, stuffed figs, roasted beets, you name it.

3. Panificio in Beacon Hill. I had a Caesar salad that had sun dried tomatoes in it for a tangy twist.

4. Toscanini's Ice Cream in Cambridge has really unique flavors (Yes, I actually got ice cream three times). ย I had Vienna finger cookie ice cream and a cherry flavor that I am somehow not seeing on the menu right now.

Other than the food and working a lot, I got to explore a lot of new neighborhoods. I can't wait to go back!