Garden State

IMG_5232 I have a confession. The weekend of the Beyonce concert was actually my first time in New Jersey. You would think that since I only live a river's width away, I'd have made a trip. However, laziness took over. Here are some random thoughts from the weekend. I hated Atlantic City. I'm not sure why this is, but it probably has something to do with the fact that I also hate amusement parks. The whole thing seemed so phony (aside from the concert, of course) and the entire time I kept thing, "Where am I??". ย Besides this, everything was amazing and I instantly connected with all of the food options that Princeton and the surrounding towns have to offer. Highlights included Brick Farm Market where I had a strawberry basil fizzy drink, and The Bent Spoon where I tried basil ice cream (it sounds weird but was delicious) on top of another scoop of coconut ice cream. I also fell in love with Princeton University, which I have decided is the American Hogwarts. A girl can dream, right?