Summertime Sadness: Inspired by the One and Only, Lana Del Rey

IMG_5318 Ok, so Lana Del Rey didn't really inspire this but when I think about the fact that it's already the last week of August and that Labor Day weekend is mere days away, I feel kind of sad. Not to say that I'm dreading the fall, because I think it's one of the best times in NYC, but it's a downer realizing that the season I waited months for is dwindling to an end. Enough with the sap. Here are some pictures of a trip I recently took to Rhode Island (my only beach vacation all summer; how depressing) that mostly consisted of me sitting on the beach (duh), reading a billion magazines, and eating all the seafood in sight. I can officially say that I have shucked my own oysters! I have also seen Taylor Swift's massive Watch Hill mansion, not to brag or anything lolol. But aside from these accomplishments, the trip was great and it was nice to get away for some R&R. Enjoy the last week of August!

Note: Discovered Dave's Coffee, a craft roaster in Mass. and RI, that has the coolest coffee and coffee products!IMG_2462IMG_2470IMG_2478IMG_5308IMG_5377IMG_5378IMG_5379IMG_5380IMG_5381IMG_5382IMG_5383IMG_5384