Banksy in New York

IMG_5706 Banksy is doing a residency in New York for the month of October so I had been waiting for the moment where I would finally be able to see one of his works in person. Unfortunately, most of them have been getting defaced rather quickly so I haven't had much luck. That is until today, when I casually checked the Banksy NY website and saw that he had just posted a new one in TriBeCa. Naturally, I used my lunch break to rush downtown and found a crowd of people hovered over the tiny spray painting of the New York skyline and the Twin Towers. It was a total frenzy and people were taking zillions of photos (including myself). I even super-awkwardly asked a girl to take a photo of me with the graffiti. I'm going to make an effort to continue looking for more of his stuff while he's here, so check back!