Taco Tuesday

Usually every weekend I do a big food haul for my weekly groceries. I usually buy the bulk of everything at Trader Joe's and then purchase select items from other supermarkets (or local groceries). I love food so it's natural that I spend a lot of time thinking about what I'm going to cook each week. With a busy work schedule it's so easy to fall into the habit of making frozen food or ordering out, etc. so I try to make a concerted effort not to do this. Not only do I feel healthier eating my own food since I know what I'm putting in it, I save a lot of money too. That being said, I feel like I always fall into a rut of making the same old thing every week or something extremely boring, that by the 2nd day of eating it I am disgusted. Once, I made zoodles so many times, that I wanted to throw up looking at another zoodle. I also get sick of chicken and turkey easily, since I try to avoid eating red meat more than once or twice a month. Seafood is one of my favorites but it's hard to cook in a tiny apartment because it can smell, and I feel like it's never as good as a restaurant or when my parents make it on the grill at home.

Over the past few weeks I've combed through food blogs and magazines for recipe inspiration. Today I made Pulled Chicken Tacos. I used a recipe from Bon Appetit for Pulled Chicken Sandwiches, but modified it by using soft taco shells instead of buns. The tacos are so delicious and the BBQ sauce and pulled texture was a way to transform how I normally make chicken. I also used the recipe for the coleslaw, without the mayo, and it was just as good! I topped off the tacos with spicy, quick-pickled radishes and some fresh cilantro. You can get the recipe for the quick-pickled radishes here. I modified it slightly by using rice vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar. Amazingly, I have enough pulled chicken and slaw to eat this a couple times over the course of the week and it's a great recipe for me to change things up.