Going off the Grid in Cape Cod

I am already drained from this week and I was on vacation for half of it! That seems to happen though when you miss the first half of week at work. Despite my exhaustion, it was wonderful being able to spend some quality time with my family (minus my brother, sadly) this weekend in Cape Cod. I've been going to Cape Cod every summer since I can remember, so it holds a special place in my heart. My parents and I woke up early Friday morning for the three and a half hour drive. My sister would be joining us later in the weekend. About twenty minutes in I realized that I'd forgotten my phone at home! I freaked out but just asked my sister to bring it with her instead. It ended up being kind of a blessing. Living in a world where we're all so connected and constantly fiddling with our smart phones, it's easy to forget that we canย manage without them. It was peaceful being able to enjoy the small things for the first couple days, like exploring the beach, reading, smelling the hydrangeas, and doing a lot of baking (I'll be sharing a lot of new recipes soon!)

The long weekend in Cape Cod was perfect because we were able to do all of our traditions including eating a ton of fresh seafood, making the drive to Welfleet to go to Cahoon Hollow Beach (the most majestic in my opinion), laughing a lot, swimming in the bay and pond, and lighting a lot of sparklers (apparently I am terrible at drawing hearts). We also were able to try new things like paddle-boarding. My dad hilariously fell off a few times and the whole beach died laughing. We also checked out the Sesuit Harbor Cafe in Dennis which was delicious. Did you know that there are two styles of lobster rolls? A cold lobster roll with mayo is Maine style and a warm roll with butter and spices is called Connecticut style. I had no idea! Anyways, my sister and I split a Maine style lobster roll and it was delicious and massive! I have to say that my favorite part was waking up early each morning and going on a long run with my dad. He's a runner so he motivated me to keep going and I was able to start each day feeling refreshed and spending some quality time with my dad.