Banksy in New York

IMG_5706 Banksy is doing a residency in New York for the month of October so I had been waiting for the moment where I would finally be able to see one of his works in person. Unfortunately, most of them have been getting defaced rather quickly so I haven't had much luck. That is until today, when I casually checked the Banksy NY website and saw that he had just posted a new one in TriBeCa. Naturally, I used my lunch break to rush downtown and found a crowd of people hovered over the tiny spray painting of the New York skyline and the Twin Towers. It was a total frenzy and people were taking zillions of photos (including myself). I even super-awkwardly asked a girl to take a photo of me with the graffiti. I'm going to make an effort to continue looking for more of his stuff while he's here, so check back!


How To: Channel Your Inner Monet

IMG_5342 A couple weeks ago two of my friends and I decided to try out the latest social craze, Paint Nite. If you haven't heard of it, Paint Nite consists of taking a painting class at a bar (while having some drinks, obviously). They are hosted frequently throughout the city (and country) at various bars and each class has a different theme. Ours was at Revel, a bar in Meatpacking, and we all painted sunsets. The instructor had us paint step-by-step so all of our paintings came out the same. I was sort of disappointed because I had imagined myself having a stroke of creative genius and going wild on the canvas, resulting in an artistic masterpiece. I guess I'll have to save it for next time. Aside from my initial crushed dreams, Paint Nite was so fun and basically we all laughed the night away. Since you don't need to be an experienced painter at all, I definitely recommend it for everyone. Side note: Revelย isย a really cute bar/restaurant with an open garden, AND it has a great happy hour from 5-7 so I'm definitely going to go back for that!