Instagram Coasters on Etsy!

IMG_3030 Guess what!? I am now selling my Instagram coasters on Etsy. They are categorized into different themes and sold in sets of four for $20. They will be a purchase you won't regret - enhancing any table scape, looking amazing underneath your drink, and lightening up the room in general! Check them out on my Etsy page. This page can also be accessed from the Chatterbox homepage.

At Home: Prints


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I love the idea of decorating an apartment so that the walls are full of pictures and prints. It's a good way to show personality in a home. Here are some images - a mix of photography and print -  that are inspiring me lately, to both decorate my apartment and become more skilled at using my camera so I can print photos myself. Society6, Shoppe by Scoutmob, and Etsy are all websites I love for finding great pieces of art.


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coney island

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ferris wheel

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How To: Channel Your Inner Monet

IMG_5342 A couple weeks ago two of my friends and I decided to try out the latest social craze, Paint Nite. If you haven't heard of it, Paint Nite consists of taking a painting class at a bar (while having some drinks, obviously). They are hosted frequently throughout the city (and country) at various bars and each class has a different theme. Ours was at Revel, a bar in Meatpacking, and we all painted sunsets. The instructor had us paint step-by-step so all of our paintings came out the same. I was sort of disappointed because I had imagined myself having a stroke of creative genius and going wild on the canvas, resulting in an artistic masterpiece. I guess I'll have to save it for next time. Aside from my initial crushed dreams, Paint Nite was so fun and basically we all laughed the night away. Since you don't need to be an experienced painter at all, I definitely recommend it for everyone. Side note: Revel is a really cute bar/restaurant with an open garden, AND it has a great happy hour from 5-7 so I'm definitely going to go back for that!


DIY: Coffee Table Tray

IMG_2293 We had lunch from Le Pain Quotidien at work a few months ago and I took the plywood tray that held the desserts back home with me. The wood was a really cheap material but I figured I could turn it into some sort of better looking tray for almost no cost. I primed the tray to help reinforce the wood, and then painted it a light sea foam green that I mixed from my own paint collection. I finished the edges with some gold paint so it looked a bit more polished and then sealed the tray again. It was so easy and I can't wait to use it for appetizers. Plus, it didn't cost any money!


DIY: Gold Painted Pots

IMG_2142 My collection of plants has been steadily growing since I purchased a miniature cactus from a random grocery store in the East Village last fall. I now am the proud owner of an African Violet, basil, and a jade. About a week ago I became extremely bored looking at all of the ceramic pots lined up at my desk so I decided to spice things up and paint them. Painting the pots with acrylic paint was quick and easy, but I do not recommend doing what I did with the first two test runs: painting the pots while the plants were in them. It was literally a dirty struggle. I primed each pot with Mod Podge and then whipped up a few colors with acrylic paint mixed with a matte medium. For an even finish the pots required two coats. I wanted to use some of the gold paint I have had for a while so I taped off two triangles on each pot and painted them gold. Once the paint had dried I slowly peeled off the tape, leaving the gold triangles. I recently saw a similar version of gold-leaf pots on Glitter Guide that I might try later in the event that I buy more plants. Pot painting is an inexpensive way to decorate your apartment, or better yet, your cube at work where things can get really drab looking.IMG_2132IMG_2136IMG_2137IMG_2148