Weekend in Chicago

IMG_4622 I went to Chicago a few weeks ago for work. I was there for almost a week so I am really behind by not posting anything about it. Chicago is awesome. I basically did all of the touristy stuff (went to the Chicago Art Institute, took a thousand pictures at that massive metal bean in Millenium Park, attended a Cubs game, and went on an architectural boat tour) and of course, experienced some amazing food. My favorite restaurants were Avec, The Purple Pig, and Little Goat Diner.  Little Goat Diner is the sister to Girl and the Goat. The executive chef is Top Chef's Stephanie Izard, so it's nearly impossible to get a last minute reservation. Luckily, Little Goat Diner is open for lunch so we were able to get in. Here are some pics from the week.

IMG_4621 IMG_4543 IMG_4563 IMG_1969 IMG_1905 IMG_1916


{Chorizo stuffed dates wrapped in bacon at Avec}

IMG_4625 IMG_4624 IMG_4533

{Little Goat Diner - I got a scallion pancake topped with slaw and pork}

IMG_4627 IMG_4626

{The Purple Pig - vanilla soft-serve with strawberry balsamic topping & cheese plate}

Happy One Year Anniversary Between Me & NYC

This week has been a struggle for me. Lately, I have been feeling as though I'm on the verge of poverty, so basically I haven't bought any food and have been dining on what I have around in my apartment. Last night I had a can of tuna fish for dinner. You get the point. Also, when I got home from work today I realized that the handle of my cheese grater melted in the dishwasher. Dang. But as I ponder my struggles, I have realized something much more monumental. This past weekend marks a year since I moved to New York. Not to be too sentimental, but I can't believe it's already been a year. It's been quite the whirlwind and I'm glad to announce that I haven't been sideswiped by a cab or worse, a bicyclist, yet. To honor this moment, here six (I have always had a weird thing about the number six) of my favorite places in the city. 1. Luke's Lobster


If you like lobster and you haven't been to Luke's you're CRAZY!!! I have only had lobster (or lobster rolls) a few times in my life and this is by far some of the greatest. The lobster salad has huge chunks of claw, the dressing is super light, and the bun is toasted to perfection. If someone had told me a year ago that I would be enjoying a lobster roll on East 7th st I would have LOLed in their face. But fate brought us together and now I'm hooked.

2. Metropolitan Museum of Art Rooftop


Maybe I'm behind the times, but I didn't know that there was a rooftop at the Met until fairly recently. Overpriced drinks are available on the roof but the spanning view of Central Park and the city skyline is better. Also, it's the perfect place to tan without the distraction of ants, trees, and people screaming.

3. Oyster Happy Hours


I had never tried a raw oyster until last summer, when I went to The Dutch with my co-workers. Finally trying an oyster opened my eyes to a whole new phenomenon: oyster happy hours. An oyster happy hour is when all oysters are $1.00 and there are deals on drinks, etc. My favorite oyster happy hour is at The Mermaid Inn (post to come on that later) and I hope I'll be making many visits there this summer.

4. The Dog Park @ Washington Square Park


Sometimes I think that it's entirely possible that I like dogs more than people. NYC = dog lover's heaven and the best place to get a daily dog overdose is Washington Square Park. Dogs are joyfully running around left, right, and center so when I'm having a bad day, this is where I go. The only downside - non-dog owners are not allowed in the dog park. This tragedy probably has a silver lining though, because I would most likely stroll off with someone else's dog.

5. Poco


When my roommates and I lived in the East Village, Poco was our spot. With a happy hour with half priced drinks and $5.00 tapas, and located 20 feet from our apartment, it was a struggle not to stop there after work. Also, Poco is the inventor of one of the best drinks known to mankind: The Poco Splash (pictured above). Other than gin, lychee, and cava, I'm not sure what else is in it, but it's fantastic. They also have an unlimited brunch for $27.00.

6. Bluebird Coffee Shop


I walked by this little cafe almost every day before I finally mustered up the strength to go inside (I thought I wouldn't be cool enough to fit in with the scene). It has since been one of life's best choices and although this is random, their oatmeal is the bomb. It's also perfectly acceptable to lurk there alone, which is something I need to get more comfortable doing.

Met Gala 2013: Thoughts

IMG_4272 Living on the Upper East Side,which has only been useful on the sunny days when I wanted to go to Central Park, nothing entertaining was really calling my name on a random Monday night. I decided why not casual swing by the Met Gala (since I was invited)? As I strolled towards the premises, I had some self doubt. Am I really taking part in this shameless celeb-stalking culture? Apparently so. I wedged myself into a prime location on the corner of 5th and 81st, right in front of the tent so I had a direct view inside. Looking around, I felt instantly more normal than everyone else. People were climbing on building scaffolding screaming, “MILEY!”, etc. and police officers were making threats left and right. How uncool and unsubtle. My self esteem dropped as I watched the likes of Heidi Klum, Kylie Minogue, and Emmy Rossum smile and pose in glamorous dresses in front of the wall of photographers. Literally, if someone just gave me a chance I know I could be up there with them, instead of lurking amongst us poor peasants eagerly waiting a smile our way from Beyonce. Why. The desperation in the air was growing drastically, so I left. Maybe I’ll finally be discovered at next years Met Gala. Check out the pics below taken from my terrible iPhone camera! In case anyone is wondering, I did ponder taking my Canon, but I didn’t want to be any more pathetic. Although, maybe I could have snuck into the press section. Oh well, there’s always next year.

IMG_4270 IMG_4271