Mrs. Carter World Tour

IMG_5087 The Beyonce concert on Friday was one of the most amazing and unreal experiences I have ever had. And I am not exaggerating. Queen Bey was in her truest fierce form and I am struggling to put ย how I felt during the concert into words, but I feel like I am having a panic attack with joy when I look at the pic above (taken by my friend). Seeing Beyonce was like having a religious experience. She looked and sounded so amazing all while dancing nonstop and changing into a dozen shiny and fabulous outfits that were each better than the next. Everyone danced and sang along with her in true BFF form and she brought the house down, shining like a beacon of awesomeness. Hopefully this isn't the last time we hang! More later after I have let this settle.

Pit Stop for Coffee: Kinfolk Studios

IMG_4846 What do you do in Williamsburg when you're hanging out in the East River State Park and it suddenly begins torrentialย down pouring? The key is to get inside and get inside somewhere fast. The closest place for me was a place called Kinfolk Studios, a mix between a coffee shop and surf shop (?), which I noticed because the front was basically an opened garage door. I had to get something since I was going to be there for a while so I bought an iced coffee for $3.50. Painful. I tried to tell myself it was okay though because it was really strong. Kinfolk Studios seemed cool although the interior decor was slightly confusing. Wooden panels, palm trees, and seventies-style lighting fixtures make it look like a scene from Anchormanย or a mod Malibu bachelor pad, but the old chalkboard with the menu and the countless espresso machines scream Brooklyn. I'm not quite sure what the scene is like here not on a weekday when it's full of people on their Mac Books, but from what I'm gathering on Yelp it looks like there is a DJ on weekends and I'm not sure how I feel about that. However, the more I watch Girls, the more curious I am about going back to Kinfolk Studios at a busier hour to see exactly what it's all about.


Power & Control

IMG_4458 Last Wednesday I went to a Marina & The Diamonds concert. I don't know much about Marina except that I like her songs. At the concert I first noticed two things. 1. Beer and food was being served by vendors from Smorgasburg (yes!) 2. Many concert-goers were wearing those shorts that are extremely unflattering unless you have the body of Kate Moss (you know what I am talking about). Other than those two observations, Marina sounded amazing and, naturally, looked super skinny and fun onstage. She also came out wearing a wedding dress and I don't know if there is anything, besides Blair Waldorf and Beyonce, that's more boss than that.