Guide: Where to Get Your Caffeine Fix in NYC

I am a coffee fiend. I love it and am always on the hunt for a new place to check out. However, I do usually limit myself to one cup a day and although I am busy drinking the vile coffee at my establishment of employment, I like to indulge a bit more on the weekends. Admittedly, I am also a big fan of the latte art trend. I know it is everywhere these days, but seeing a hot cappuccino (or a picture of one) with beautifully swirling foam never gets old to me. I normally drink drip coffee but ever since I studied abroad in Rome (where a cappuccino was only 1 euro!), I've learned to appreciate the intense flavors of a good cappuccino or espresso. Here are my go-to coffee places in New York City.

1. Happy Bones (Lower East Side)

Happy Bones is tiny, so if you want a table it's best to go early. I love the coffee here - it's the perfect strength but never bitter, and the tortoise shell spoons are pretty cute. Drink: the cortado

2. Bluestone Lane (West Village)

Everything here is so bright and cheery! Plus they have good food, and make one of the most unreal iced lattes around. Drink: the iced latte

3. AP Cafe (Bushwick)

When I lived in Bushwick, this was my spot. The interior is industrial looking with big front windows and plants everywhere, plus a waterfall. Drink: chai latte

4. Toby's Estate (Williamsburg & West Village)

The better location for Toby's Estate is in Williamsburg, but if you can't make the trek, the West Village is good too. The Williamsburg location is huge and the walls are filled with eclectic coffee related objects so it's worth going just to take a peek. They also have a brew school, which I have not done, where you learn to pour the perfect cup of coffee. Drink: drip coffee (and eat any of the muffins)

5. Gasoline Alley Coffee (East Village and Lower East Side)

This is my OG go-to-coffee spot from when I lived in the East Village. I've only been to this location, It's a tiny place, snug up in a very thin building on the corner of Bleeker Street and Lafayette. This is a place where you stand along the bar in the back and drink your coffee. Drink: a cortado

6. Swallow Cafe (Cobble Hill and Bushwick)

I was so excited when a new Swallow location opened a couple blocks from my new apartment. This is a place to chill out with a book for a couple hours or chat with friends. Drink: a cappuccino.

7. THE ELK (West Village)

If you try to go to Toby's Estate in the West Village and find it too crowded, walk a bit further to THE ELK, which I actually find preferable. It's quiet and the decorations are bright and colorful. Drink: a cortado. And eat the avocado toast!

8. Brooklyn Roasting Company (DUMBO)

BRC is a bit off the beaten path, but it's massive and they have tons of coffee options. They even roast their coffee on site! It's full of big glass tables, antique globes, and leather couches and chairs. Drink: drip coffee

9. Sweet Leaf (Long Island City and Greenpoint)

If I am ever in LIC, which is not that often, I love Sweet Leaf. They have amazing coffee and unbeatable pastries and breads. The back room is super cozy. Drink: a latte

Other notables that I unfortunately did not have pictures from!

  • Ninth Street Espresso (East Village)
  • Stumptown Coffee (Flatiron and West Village)
  • Third Rail Coffee (East Village and Greenwich Village)
  • Bluebird Coffee Shop (East Village)

Best Iced Coffee

  • Tazza (Brooklyn Heights)
  • Gimme Coffee! (Williamsburg and Lower East Side)