New Phone, New Case

iphone2iphone4 I ordered the iPhone 5s when it came out a couple weeks ago and I'm desperately awaiting its arrival later this month. Of course, since I'm upgrading from the 4, it means that I'm going to need a new case too. Personally, I think that iPhone cases say a lot about you. Do you opt for the regular case that's on sale in the store? Do you go with actual protection (i.e. the Otterbox)? Do you have one of those animal-shaped cases? I've discovered that Society6 is an awesome website for phone cases (along with prints, Mac cases, stretched canvases, etc.) so with my impending new phone I've been spending a lot of time perusing the website for different options. I definitely want something that's fun, but I am so torn! There are too many to choose from! Here are some of my top picks so far.ย iphone1iphone3iphone5iphone6iphone7iphone8

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At Home: The Perfect Bar

bar4 If I lived in a bigger apartment, the first thing I would have would be a mini bar. Having one is a great asset for entertaining and when done right, they make for cute decor. My ideal home bar would be feminine (but not too girly), colorful, feature some kind of glass or wood furniture in an unconventional form, and have all the basics. Here some ideas I found on Pinterest.


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At Home: Prints


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I love the idea of decorating an apartment so that the walls are full of pictures and prints. It's a good way to show personality in a home. Here are some images - a mix of photography and print - ย that are inspiring me lately, to both decorate my apartment and become more skilled at using my camera so I can print photos myself. Society6, Shoppe by Scoutmob, and Etsy are all websites I love for finding great pieces of art.


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coney island

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ferris wheel

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DIY: Coffee Table Tray

IMG_2293 We had lunch from Le Pain Quotidien at work a few months ago and I took the plywood tray that held the desserts back home with me. The wood was a really cheap material but I figured I could turn it into some sort of better looking tray for almost no cost. I primed the tray to help reinforce the wood, and then painted it a light sea foam green that I mixed from my own paint collection. I finished the edges with some gold paint so it looked a bit more polished and then sealed the tray again. It was so easy and I can't wait to use it for appetizers. Plus, it didn't cost any money!


DIY: Instagram Coasters

IMG_1682 It's hard to say if I love anything more than 1. Instagram and 2. making random stuff. I constantly scan the Anthropologie website looking for coasters but, let's face it, I'm poor. Naturally, as soon as I saw this post on Darkroom and Dearly about DIY Polaroid Coasters I wanted to make them. Instead of doing Polaroid-style pictures (seen in the blog post) I just used 4x4 Instagram pictures instead. I used the app PostalPix to get my pictures printed - it's really cheap and easy - and I bought 4x4 ceramic tiles from Blick's Art Supplies. All you need is the tiles, pictures, and some Mod Podge and you're all good! I also used an acrylic sealer on mine so that they would last longer, and I'm thinking about corking the bottoms so they don't scratch the table.

IMG_1677 IMG_1678