Restaurant: Cucina di Pesce

IMG_2621 I love Cucina di Pesce because it proves that you don't have to go to an over-the-top expensive restaurant to get great food in the city. My boyfriend and I stumbled upon it sort-of by accident when we were looking for a place to go for dinner one night. I knew I wanted Italian so I spent the afternoon looking up places on New York Magazine. Cucina di Pesce fit the bill of being a critics pick, ย close to my apartment, and decently priced. The restaurant has one of the cutest interiors I've ever seen, feeling like you're sitting in someone's living room having dinner. All of the food is truly amazing. The pasta is made fresh and they have great seafood. Must have items: Pumpkin Ravioli (pictured above), Paccheri Melanzane, Steamed Mussels, and the Frutti di Boschi for dessert.